Decarbonize design

Teja Chatty
Synapse Product Development
Explore ways to decarbonize design by finding the biggest opportunities to reduce environmental impact, early enough to find alternatives. When product designers iterate on the product in parallel with a simplified life cycle assessment to understand the impact of their decisions, they can find and reduce sources of impact that are not always easy to see.

Session Description

The talk will explore ways to decarbonize design by identifying the biggest sources of environmental impact. I will introduce simplified life cycle assessment and how it can be applied iteratively and in parallel with the product development process. I will highlight some examples of how the sources of impacts are not always apparent to us. Finally, I will conclude with why it is important to ensure transparency of this information to all stakeholders including consumers, so we can all make more sustainable decisions.


About Your Speaker

Teja currently works as a Managing Consultant of Sustainability at Synapse Product Development and Capgemini Invent. She recently completed her PhD in Sustainability at Dartmouth College, where her research looked at integrating life cycle assessment and sustainable design into industry product development practice. During this time, she also developed a lightweight design concurrent LCA tool called EcoSketch which was later acquired by a sustainability consultancy.

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