Why Small-Scale Entrepreneurs Can Be Climate Solution Powerhouses

Kathryn Latham
Latham Business Solutions
The power to champion climate solutions through business is within reach for almost any entrepreneur. When we reimagine our companies as tools to propel us from where we stand today toward a more sustainable future, we open up pathways to change. This presentation will show how real entrepreneurs have optimized their business's operations for climate impact, and open your eyes to the idea that you can too.

Session Description

Entrepreneurial success is often measured by financial gain, but what if we’ve been overlooking the most profound rewards of self-employment? This talk will challenge your perception of entrepreneurship and inspire the belief that you can achieve climate impact by starting a company, regardless of background or product focus.

The power to create change through business is within reach for almost anyone, but to harness it, we must reimagine our companies as tools. Specifically, as tools designed to propel us from where we stand today toward a more sustainable future. We’ll explore this idea by stepping into the shoes of entrepreneurs with diverse professional backgrounds who have optimized businesses of all kinds toward climate impact. Their stories show that it’s not just climate-focused products or services that can make a difference.

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner, an aspiring entrepreneur, or climate curious, you will leave this talk with a new perspective on entrepreneurship – that you too can use entrepreneurship to create a better legacy for our planet.


About Your Speaker

Kathryn Latham started a business so she could maximize the impact and joy of her work. Today her consultancy, Latham Business Solutions, helps business owners bring clarity to the chaos of running a company and turn big ideas into outcomes because self-employment is an empowered and impactful way to work.

Kathryn earned a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Duke University and spent three years leading the design and construction of pedestrian bridges with rural communities isolated by seasonally impassable rivers in El Salvador, Bolivia, and Rwanda with nonprofit Bridges to Prosperity. Upon returning to the US, Kathryn pivoted to the tech industry and used her building skills to oversee client strategy for a B2B startup, optimize $20 million digital ad budgets for Yahoo, and grow strategic partnerships for Verizon’s Media Group.

In 2021 she took a planned sabbatical. Determined to find a happier way to work, Latham Business Solutions was born. We help business owners enjoy the benefits of self-employment with easy operations and efficient growth strategies that bring big goals to life, minus the overwhelm.

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