Rooted Revolution: The Power of Personal Change to Tackle Carbon Emissions

Alex Wick
Cascadia Carbon
Where do you start making changes to live a more carbon-friendly lifestyle and offset the emissions you’ve already generated in your time on this planet? Try planting a few trees. It’s not the only thing you’ll need to do, but as an individual action, it’s a great first step that can build momentum for bigger change. Because we need both: a lot more individuals making different choices in their lives, and a lot more trees to store carbon.

Session Description

We know that trees play an important role in climate change mitigation by sequestering carbon, and we know that just “outsourcing” this work to carbon offset firms is easy but may not actually help much. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have opportunities to plant our own carbon offsets, some of us in our own back yards. Not only does planting trees sequester more carbon, planting our own trees — and then watching them grow — provide a daily reminder of our commitment to do our part to reduce the impact of our own carbon emissions.

It’s both empowering and humbling. On the one hand, an average tree takes up 25 kg of carbon per year. On the other hand, the average person living in the United States emits 16 tons of carbon per year. It’s a reminder that every bit of carbon matters on both sides of the equation.

This can provide a catalyst for more of the individual actions that we will need to take in order to draw down our carbon emissions, without waiting for the government, large corporations or influencers to tell us to take action.


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Alex Wick, founder/CEO of Cascadia Carbon Inc, is a master forester with 10+ years of experience in carbon-negative solutions, spanning academic institutions, private industry, non-profits and government. His passion lies in climate change, carbon capture, and community and individual carbon reduction initiatives. Holding a secret clearance with the USFS MIDAS FIA Biometrics program, he’s lived low-carbon for a decade. Alex now focuses on inclusivity in Voluntary Carbon Markets, expanding access to offsets for marginalized communities.

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