Sustainability Surge: Channeling Anxiety Into Aligned Action in Climate’s New Vanguard

David Kirshbaum
Vital Message Strategic Communications
For environmental action, it’s both the best and the worst of times. Eco-anxiety is at an all-time high as we approach the end of another record-demolishing year for extreme weather. However, there’s also a groundswell of momentum starting to transform how we live — shaping a new paradigm that is clean, healthy, equitable, and sustainable. And you can be part of it!

Session Description

While climate and ecological crises continue to increase in severity, the global economy is beginning to change course. As our planet reaches a critical juncture, we’re witnessing an unprecedented convergence of creativity, technology, and willpower shaping a more sustainable world.  

The last few years have seen a rising tide of eco-innovation: passionate and skilled people are coming together in businesses, organizations, government offices, and communities to change the way we do things — ALL the things. 

New technologies are coming out of the lab. New and established companies are bringing green solutions to market in every industry — and creating new industries in record time. Novel finance tools are being developed to fund sustainability innovations and even embed climate care into capitalism.  

Most importantly, people are finding common purpose across borders, industries, cultures, political affiliations, economic levels, and all the other invisible walls that have kept us apart and stalled climate action. 

There has never been more opportunity — or more need — to get involved in greening our society. Explore the landscape of the green transition and find out how your unique skills and passions can contribute. You’ll discover simple, actionable steps to get started or take your participation to the next level. Mother Earth wants YOU! 


About Your Speaker

David is the founder and CEO of Vital Message, a strategic communications firm dedicated to helping climate- and sustainability-focused companies hone their messaging and amplify their impact. He also volunteers as a startup advisor for Greentown Labs, North America’s largest cleantech incubator. 

David has forged a career path across various industries and shaped communication strategies for visionary entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and innovative startups. He is thrilled to put his environmental passion to work helping eco-innovators gain clarity and engage partners, investors, and customers. 

David’s lifelong journey as an environmentalist and sustainability practitioner has taken him through development work in South America, life in an intentional community, and political activism across the US. 

Outside work David cultivates inner sustainability through qigong practice and teaching, and he actively participates in an organic farm cooperative in his home base of Portland, Oregon. 

Fueled by his mission to cultivate a just society that thrives in harmony with the natural world, David champions a path of resilience, integrity, and inclusive action. He seeks to inspire people to courageously face the challenges of our times with kindness, integrity, and goodwill for all.

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